Bellingham Seattle PNW Wedding Photographer

Hi there amazing person! Wherever your wedding is in the world... I'd LOVE to be there!

I'm so glad you're here! A little about me - I was born and raised in Australia (yes it was hot and no I didn't have a pet kangaroo), and moved to America (Bellingham, WA to be exact) just over 5 years ago to marry my insanely handsome man. I love Jesus with my whole heart, am a step-mum to 4 wonderful babies. I'm a hugger, I edit in my pj's, just discovered that I like coffee and sometimes I think I've acclimatized to the weather... until it rains for days on end and I find myself online looking at flights to California. If you're in another state/country let's FaceTime or if you're local let's do coffee.... and I'm buying!

Ps. My husband and I love road trips! Here's a little video from one!