Bellingham Seattle PNW Wedding Photographer

Hi there amazing person! I’m based in Washington State and wherever your wedding is in the world... I'd LOVE to be there!

I'm so glad you're here! A little about me - I was born and raised in Australia (yes it was hot and no I didn't have a pet kangaroo), and moved to America (Bellingham, WA to be exact) just over 5 years ago to marry my insanely handsome man. I love Jesus with my whole heart, am a step-mum to 4 wonderful babies. I'm a hugger, I edit in my pj's, just discovered that I like coffee and sometimes I think I've acclimatized to the weather... until it rains for days on end and I find myself online looking at flights to California. If you're in another state/country let's FaceTime or if you're local let's do coffee.... and I'm buying!

Ps. My husband and I love road trips! Here's a little video from one!